Katie's Plates Begins Blogging

Happy 2017 and welcome to the first ever blog post for Katie's Plates new blog: Dietitian to Kitchen!

This blog is one of the many exciting things coming to you from Katie's Plates in 2017. Before we look ahead, we wanted to reflect on some of our accomplishments from 2016:

  • Katie’s Plates grew from 4 employees to 9, and took on interns throughout the year 
  • We catered weddings, luncheons, and ended the year with record sales
  • Katie appeared on Talk of Alabama: ABC 33/40 numerous times to share some of the tasty meals we offer
  • Katie’s Plates added its first ever Branch Manager- which leads us to our biggest accomplishment of 2016…
  • Katie’s Plates has expanded to its SECOND location in Nashville, Tennessee!

2016 was a great year for the business, but we are even more excited about what 2017 will bring! For one, we are thrilled to offer our customers a new way to connect with Katie’s Plates, through a weekly blog run by Branch Manager and Registered Dietitian, Sherry Greek. Every Friday there will be a new post, with topics ranging from nutrition, cooking, and wellness, Q&A’s, business updates, and more! So be sure to check back each week to see what we are up to and learn something new! We will also be accepting questions for upcoming “Ask the Dietitian” posts, so please submit inquiries to sherry@katiesplates.com. Submissions will remain anonymous! 

Thank you for checking out our very first blog post and we hope everyone’s New Year is off to a great start! We wanted to take this first post to introduce the blog and what you can expect to see, so check back next week for when we dive into our first topic!

Before ending this post, I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself (in the third person)!

Meet the blogger:

Sherry Greek is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, serving as Katie’s Plates Branch Manager of Birmingham. Being a Pittsburgh native, she never thought another Steel City could take her heart, but she found herself falling in love with Bham during weekend visits while she lived in Memphis, TN for her dietetic internship. After spending a week at Katie’s Plates, Sherry knew it was something special and wanted to be a part of this exciting and thriving business. Beginning in August, Sherry joined the KP team, and she will run the Birmingham branch while Katie opens up the newest store location in Nashville, TN.  Sherry is passionate about the philosophy that food is medicine, and that eating well is an investment in your future. Working at Katie’s Plates allows her to provide delicious meals that support this philosophy and can make a difference in the wellbeing of KP customers. 


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