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Fear of FAT?

Fat- by far the most feared macronutrient! Society likes to tell us that fat makes us fat, but this is very false! The wrong kinds of fat consumed makes us fat while the right fats are very beneficial for our beautiful bodies and overall health! Fat is found in a large variety of natural, non-processed foods including dairy, meat, nuts, oils and even fruits and vegetables- specifically coconuts and avocados. Many processed, man-made foods contain large amounts of fats- for example found in French fries, ice cream, bakery items and convenience store snacks and candy. So what makes the fats in natural foods “good” while those in man-made treats “bad”? The chemical structure! Fats, also known as lipids, are made...

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3 Reasons to Try Katie's Plates

On top of our regular blog posts, we want to bring you some fun short videos to stay connected with us. When we have updates- you'll find it here first! In this video, we give you our top 3 reasons why you should be ordering Katie's Plates. Watch, share, comment! Send this one along to your friends who are curious about us- they'll thank you for it! More videos to come!

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Power of the PROTEIN

             Protein is by far the most favored macronutrient! While carbs and fats have been demonized throughout the years, protein is always seen as the superhero. There is no doubt that protein is pretty great, it is only beneficial when consumed in appropriate amounts and from healthy, non-processed sources. Protein is used by the body to perform several important roles such as muscle building, immunity, DNA and RNA synthesis, carriers of other nutrients in the body and can (as a last resort) be used as energy. How does protein do these various roles? Well first let’s examine what protein even is, in a basic sense!             Proteins are molecular compounds composed of chains of carbon,...

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Customizing Your Calories

           A calorie is technically defined as the “energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water 1 degree”. Although that definition means absolutely nothing to most of us as we see “calories” as the thing that makes us gain weight! While it may be true that too many calories can lead to weight gain, there are many other factors that play a role in our body size. The diet industry has us convinced that to lose weight we can simply decrease the amount of calories we consume each day. While this may work in the short term, decreasing calories indefinitely is not a successful solution. Our body’s require a minimum amount of calories per...

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It’s All Processed

            I love when people tell me that they are avoiding ALL processed foods. My first thought is always “okay, so what DO you eat?”, because technically almost ALL foods are processed! Processed foods are, by definition, any food that has been altered in anyway from its natural state to ensure safe consumption or convenience. Therefore, that head of lettuce, bag of apples and jar of raw almonds are ALL processed! But does that mean they are bad for you or unhealthy? No, absolutely not! So why does the society tell us we must avoid ALL processed foods to be healthy? Let’s find out.               When society talks about “processed foods” their definition is much different than what the...

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