Katie's Plates' clients are like family! Take a look and find out what everyone is saying about the food and the service!
The Cains"Katie's Plates has truly been a lifesaver for our family! Several months ago I was standing in my kitchen wondering how I could keep up with all the moving parts of our family - our jobs, our children, my terminally ill mother - and keep our family healthy. A dear friend recommended Katie's Plates and it was just the relief I needed!  I could forgo the weekly menu planning, grocery shopping, rushing to get home to get dinner on the table for healthy, sensible, yummy and WARM meals delivered right to my doorstep.  Katie's Plates has taken a very important, but time consuming responsibility off my plate and onto Katie's!  It's allowed me to have more time with my family - and ensure we are taking care of ourselves along the way with nutritiously sound meals.  Thank you Katie for making this busy working mama's load a little lighter!"
The Schutts
"We LOVE Katie’s Plates!  There’s nothing like being able to spend the evening with my family and not have to worry about cooking (and cleaning up after cooking) during the week.  Admittedly, my two-year-old has always been a good eater, but I love watching him get excited to try new things.  He told me last night that he “loves veggies,” and he always asks for Katie’s broccoli, green beans, spaghetti squash, and carrots when I’m making his plate.  I can’t blame him though – they’re delicious.  
 Katie’s Plates has also been perfect for us this past year as I dealt with gestational diabetes and am now having to avoid cow’s milk and soy protein because of my baby’s intolerance.  She always answers my questions about ingredients and accommodates our special requests.   I can’t say enough good things about Katie’s Plates!"
The Browns"To say that I love Katie's Plates is an understatement. I had heard about Katie's Plates for a few months, but stubbornly resisted because I kept telling myself that I could cook my family healthy, delicious meals. As a working mom, it was just not happening once I got home in the evenings. My family tried Katie's Plates for a week and we were all hooked! Thank you Katie for giving us delicious, healthy and fun meals, and just as important, calmer nights without too much time spent cooking and cleaning the kitchen!"
The Bradleys - 
"Katie's plates is a fantastic service, and our family loves the thoughtful preparation of each meal. we especially love the clean, healthful ingredients she uses to prepare them! We appreciate the variety, seasonality, and wholesomeness. Katie's Plates allows us to take a break from the grocery shopping, planning, and it makes a feel like we are out on a date with the whole family! it's also been a great gift to friends with newborns, any new parent loves a good, healthy meal provided to them when they're in the throws of new baby-dom!!
We love Katie and her plates!"
 The Drakes - 
Katie's Plates is healthy, delicious, and convenient.  It enables me spend more time with my kids when I get home from work instead of trying to throw together a healthy dinner.  We love knowing we are ending our day with a no-brainer healthy and satisfying meal.  The jalapeno stuffed dishes are the best!  And the Steady Meals are always a hit with our kids.  We like to try new dishes every week and have never had one we didn't like.  From quality product to customer service, Katie's Plates is top notch!
Jonathan and Michael"Katie's plates have truly changed our daily lives for the better.  I love to cook but during the week it is so difficult to fit everything in: work, gym, personal time and time together.  Having this taken care for us every night gives us back invaluable time to focus on other things and each other! The food is delicious, healthier and lighter than I typically would prepare and it is something different every week.  Our favorite so far is the paleo buffalo style chicken."
Suzanne Pirkle MA, RD, LD, CEDRD: "As a wife and full time professional, Katie's Plates is a dream!! As a dietitian, I educate my clients daily on the importance of self care and good nutrition and I have used Katies Plates to help me practice what I preach!! Katies Plates delivers hot and nutritious meals straight to my door so that my family is provided for. By reducing the time I have to cook, I am able to spend more time with family and friends so that my life is more balanced!!! When I travel I find that Katies Plates reduces stress upon returning home by having lunches made and dinners cooked upon arrival!! I highly recommend Katies Plates!!!"
The Clevengers: Katie's Plates has been amazing for us. Neither of us have time to cook, especially healthy food--and my husband and I are both committed to a gluten-free, paleo diet. Finding Katie's Plates was a blessing. The food is delicious, the delivery drivers are kind and careful, and the meals offer variety. We have both lost quite a lot of weight since eating Katie's meals every weekday (and ordering extra for weekends), and we both feel better than we have in years. Unlike traditional diets, there's no "suffering" here--brownies, pancakes, "pizza" chicken, sweet potato "pasta"....in short, we have not felt deprived once; quite the opposite, in fact. The food is consistently outstanding.
The Vaughans"Waiting for Katie's Plates to arrive each day is a treat only exceeded by the arrival of Katie's food. To be told by Sarah Ware, dietician for Katie's Plates that this delicious food is full of healthy ingredients adds to the value of the meals for us. The cheerful, gracious people who deliver the food complete a total gastronomic adventure. Roll Katie Roll! Donna and Tom"
The Dovers - "In my journey to improve my family’s health and save some time in the kitchen, I started looking for easier ways to feed my family. A friend at Iron Tribe told me about Katie’s Plates. I tried it, and we love it! Not only do I feel so much better about what we are eating, but I am saving time after work each night. As a single, working mother, every minute counts. Katie’s Plates meals are delivered each night, just in time for dinner. The food is delicious and clean-up is a breeze. I have more time to do other things after work. YAY! The food is healthy and the website has all of the nutrition information for each meal. I can key the info into my food diary each night. I take the lunches to work. Katie’s Plates lunches are much better than a frozen entrée. Another bonus is that Katie’s Plates has introduced us to new vegetables, like cauliflower rice. It is amazing. One of our favorite Katie’s Plates meals is Paleo Buffalo Chicken Casserole with Green Beans. It is served over spaghetti squash, another new vegetable. Thank you Katie’s Plates for upping our nutrition game and saving me time!"
The Schusters"Katie's Plates has been so wonderful from the very first time we ordered. I know each time we order, we will have a fresh and healthy meal delivered and the menu always changing keeps us coming back. We have really enjoyed the unique recipes Katie creates and have finally found an easy and affordable way to eat healthy. Beyond the healthy meals, they are always delivered by professional, courteous people and Katie is an absolute joy to order from each week. I have really admired her hard work ethic and what she has made of this business. I can't say enough good things about Katie's Plates!"
The Walls - "I highly recommend Katie's Plates!   I love the fact that her meals are healthy, Paleo, gluten free, and best of all.....delicious.  Her website is extremely easy to navigate, offering meals for a variety of palates.  I get so excited for Katie's Plates night, knowing she is delivering a hot, nutritious meal right to my doorstep and I don't have to lift a finger!"
Anna Ruth and Will McCalley: Thank you so much for consistently providing delicious, fresh, clean food. There has never been disappointment in a meal- and we love the zucchini lasagna!  Anything with zucchini noodles is favorite in our house. I have gotten several friends and family members hooked on KP too :)  We are very much looking forward to KP when we welcome our new baby soon....it will be so nice to not have to worry about meals and too much carry out, which can get old!  Knowing dinner will be waiting at home after a long day at work is so nice to ease the evening rush and make more time for family.
The Harrisons"Katie's plates has allowed me to eat healthy after I had my baby. When I went back to work I would pick up food or just eat what was convenient.  KPs now serves as weekly (healthy) breakfast, lunches, dinners, and desserts that I can feed my family. My family loves them and I didn't have to cook!"
The Thrashers"The best thing about Katie’s Plates is that the food is always delicious.  Home delivery saves the time and hassle of menu planning and cooking.  Katie’s Plates also saves travel and shopping time at the grocery store.   There is no wasted food or spice expiration that can happen when cooking at home as a result of ingredients having to be purchased in larger sizes than needed.  Of course, when Katie plans a meal, the result is nutritious and complements our efforts to live a lifestyle that supports our long term health. We plan to be customers for a long, long time."
The Drakes"Katie's Plates has been a life-saver for me.  Katie is a wonderful friend & does a great job of delivering already cooked healthy meals at suppertime.  I believe in her as far as health is concerned.  She prepares meals which are conscientiously considerate of the needs for diets & which are tasty.  My husband & I have really enjoyed many of them, while I can be out of the kitchen for a day.  We love her generous servings of meats, her cauliflower mashed potatoes, salads, breakfast casseroles, fresh vegetables such as sweet potatoes, green beans, bell peppers & a lot more.  Her BBQ'd pork is delicious.  The desserts are great, but that is one thing we haven't indulged in but once.  We have to be frugal with chocolate & sweets for our health."
The Ducks"Katie’s Plates has been such an amazing find for me and my family. Having affordable home cooked meals delivered right to my door step is exactly what this busy family needed.  We have been so impressed with the meals that Katie has created and look forward to using this wonderful service for years and years to come.  If you are looking for creative, healthy and delicious meals delivered right to your home then look no further!"
The Prices"As a family of four, and both my husband and I working full time, we wanted to find someone to prepare delicious, but healthy meals. And fortunately we found Katie's Plates. Her meals are always freshly prepared and healthy. It's important to my family that we eat healthy, Non-processed foods. I have two small boys, and they even love all of her meals. I'm always recommending Katie to my friends that want a break from cooking or going out to dinner. Her meals are better than anything I could quickly put together after a long days work and you know that you are fueling your body with healthy choices."
The EvansI have always enjoyed cooking and preparing home cooked meals and this has always been important to my husband and I. It has been a challenge to put home cooked meals on the table every night with both of us working full time. Especially now becoming a family of 3! We are also more focused now on our health, especially in the kitchen. One thing new working moms don't realize is your priorities change!
Cooking every night is not at the top of my to do list anymore. We needed a way to eat healthy and spend more time together as a family. We found Katie's Plates and LOVE IT. The meals fall right in line with healthy eating, and they are delivered hot right to my door. These nights I can spend more time with my family doing things we enjoy the most. She has helped us out tremendously with staying on a healthy eating plan and having more family time! Thanks Katie!"
The Byrds - "Katie's Plates is the best thing that has happened to our meal times! We have been ordering a meal each week since February, and have been very pleased with each one. The fact that we can get such healthy and delicious meals makes this service a winner. If I had to pick a favorite, I guess it would be the Chili Lime Cucumber Noodles on Watermelon, with Grilled Chicken. Katie is so nice and easy to work with, and her people who deliver are great!"
The Humbers - I absolutely adore Katie's Plates! It has been such a Godsend, and every single experience has been professional and incredibly tasty! My son has a rare gut allergy, which has completely changed what we eat in our house, making meal-planning more difficult. Katie's Plates completely fits our new diet, and allows me to actually enjoy DELICIOUS (and healthy!) meals again versus eating the same plain meals on repeat. It also allows me to spend more time with my family and relax after an exhausting day instead preparing dinner and slaving over dirty dishes at night. I anticipate every week's new menu, and I love how Katie lists each meals ingredients, as this takes this guessing out of what we are consuming. The Hawaiian Chicken Kabobs with Red Onion, Bell Peppers, and Pineapple over Cauliflower Rice is a favorite!! Thanks for an enjoyable experience, Katie!
Amy Jackson - I love the creative innovation behind Katie’s Plates – how they deliver meals during the week and I also greatly appreciate their attention and commitment to making creative, healthy, tasty dishes! This week, I stopped by the storefront to pick up a meal for a friend and was warmly greeted by Katie herself, who gave me several recommendations (I love that you can pick up tasty things from the store front too!). I came home with the turkey burger and sweet potato fries, which we had for lunch today - best turkey burger ever! Thank you guys for how you prove that healthy food can (and should!) also be delicious!



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