The Team

Katie Strickland: Owner and Head Chef
(Katie, Ian, Jack & Archie)

Katie Strickland is a Culinary Nutrition professional with a passion for catering and nutrition education (and of course all things food!). She believes that nutrition should be the most important aspect of a person's life, and she is dedicated to educating people, while creating a love of food in their hearts.

 Katie obtained a Food & Nutrition degree from Mississippi State University. She thought that her passion would be working in the hospital as a dietitian, but throughout the years in college, she discovered that her true passion was cooking and the science of food. 

 Katie worked as a nanny during the summers throughout college for Amanda LeBlanc of The Amandas, and she was in charge of cooking a healthy dinner each night for the children. While most kids will turn down healthy food, Katie found a way to make it delicious for adults and children! Dinner became the favorite part of Katie and the kids' day! She realized that she had a talent of creating a dinner that even the pickiest of eaters will love. Amanda LeBlanc was the inspiration for Katie to start Katie's Plates.

 "Between work, soccer practice, dance class, etc., I know that most parents or even couples without children do not have the time to cook. I've created this business for people that want to keep their family healthy, while still keeping up with their busy lifestyle. These days, time is the main hindrance to staying healthy. Many people have to choose between making a healthy, home-cooked meal and spending time with their kids or getting in some rest after a long day at work. A lot of families turn to eating out most nights of the week. Eating out not only burns a hole in your wallet, it's a sacrifice to you and your family's health. I want people to have the opportunity to get a home-cooked meal designed by a Dietitian. Having a healthy dinner is a small price to pay when it comes to your health, and when you calculate eating out costs (dinner, tip, gas, & time), it really is a small price to pay for me to deliver a meal!"

Fun Facts About Katie:

  1. She has 2 Vizslas (Hungarian Bird Dogs) named Wrigley and Coco. They are most wonderful dogs in the world, and you may see them on deliveries on occasion. They are also the sweetest dogs, and will give you tons of kisses!
  2. Katie grew up showing horses, and training off the track thoroughbreds is her passion! What is her other passion besides horses and cooking? Knitting!
  3. Katie is a huge Mississippi State fan! Go Dawgs!


Ian Reynolds: Sous Chef (Katie's Husband)


Catherine Wood: Sous Chef

Dee Rutledge: Sous Chef & Delivery Logistics Girl

Nancy Aufhammer: Delivery Driver & Meal Sealer/Packer


We won't be removing this sweet section of our Team page - Victor passed away on Christmas Eve 2019, after working for Katie for over 3 years - he was Katie's best friend. We all miss him everyday, and we still have his kitchen shoes underneath one of our work tables.
Victor: Right Hand Man/Jack of all Trades/Cleaner-Upper of our Messes 

Victor is Katie's Plates longest employee! He has teamed with Katie since the days Katie's Plates was cooked out of her Downtown home! Victor has never called in sick, he's dependable, and pretty much can do anything around the kitchen! It's nice for us girls to have a man around the kitchen to do the heavy-lifting and to watch after us! If you ever see him when stopping by the kitchen, be sure to give him a HUGE hug! We love him!
Misty: Logistics & Ordering

Hi, I am Misty Davis.  I was born and raised in Birmingham.  I was a full-time mom until I found out about Katie’s Plates through Facebook via a friend, 6 years ago. Being with Katie has introduced me to new and delicious meals.

I have 2 beautiful daughters.

We have 2 additional furry family members – a Chihuahua named Precious and a Yorkie named Tuffy.

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.   




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