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  • When is the menu open for orders?
    • The full menu will be open from Sunday @ 10 PM until the next Sunday at 4:30 PM. At 4:30 PM on Sunday, ordering for the week closes.
    • The new menu for the following week will be posted on Sunday @ 10 PM!
  • What is the deadline for orders?
    • Sunday @ 4:30 PM
  • Can I place a late order?
    • If the menu is still online a little bit past 4:30 PM on Sunday, you are welcome to place a late order, however, we cannot guarantee that the menu will be open past that time. If the menu is not open, we are sorry, but the deadline has passed, and we are not able to add any orders.
  • How do I order for another family?
    • When you put in the shipping address, put the family’s address that the meal is going to. Be sure to also include their phone number, just in case we need to reach them during deliveries. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are ordering for another family, PLEASE let them know that they have meals coming, and let them know what days and what time. We have had families not realize that a meal is being delivered, and the food is ruined sitting on the front porch. They also need to be aware so that they can leave out a cooler if they won't be home.
  • How do I get updated about the menu each week? Do you have a “reminder service”?
    • At the bottom of the “Home” page, there is a place to sign up to our mailing list. You will receive 3 emails per week. The 1st email will update you on the new menu on Monday around lunch; the 2nd email will remind you on Thursday morning to place your order; the 3rd email will remind you on Sunday morning to place your order by the deadline that afternoon.
  • Are there any discount codes that I can use?
    • We have a 1st order discount code of 15% your entire order. That code is “kpwelcome”.
  • How do I enter my discount code?
    • There is a place to enter “coupon code” when you are checking out.
  • How do I refer a friend to Katie’s Plates?
    • When you place your first order, you will receive an email that contains a personalized referral code. Please send that referral code to your friend, so that they can get a discount on their first order. Once they order, the system tracks it, and will send you a 15% off code for your next order. If you have not received your personalized referral code, please email Katie to ask for one. 
  • What is your refund policy, and what if I miss the deadline for a refund?
    • The refund deadline is Sunday at 4:30 PM. If you have not asked for a refund, or asked to cancel an order before Sunday at 4:30 PM, we cannot process your refund. We recommend letting your friends and family enjoy those meals if you miss the deadline! The reason we can’t be flexible with this is because so much work goes into the logistics of making sure we have enough dinner for you, and that the dinner gets to your door. If you have an emergency, we can make exceptions.



  • How do I work the website to see the options?
    • Click on the “Meals” page, and then you can see the meals offered for each week. Click on the picture of each meal, and it will take you to a more detailed page with prices and serving sizes. 
  • When is each meal made?
    • The meals are delivered and made fresh each day. The breakfasts, desserts, sausage balls, and add-ons will list the day they are made that week.
    • What if my kids don’t like the options for the night?
      • You can create your own meals using the "Add-Ons" for that week!
      • How do I view the ingredients of the meal?
        • Click on the picture of the meal, and it will take you to a detailed page with the ingredients listed. 
        • What if we have an allergy in our family? Can you accommodate?
          • We do our best to accommodate all allergies! Please email to see if we are able to accommodate that certain ingredient that you are allergic to. It all depends on the meal for that night. 
        • How do I heat up my meals? 
          • You can plate it and heat in the microwave for 2 minutes. You can also put it in an oven-safe container and heat at 350 for 15 minutes. Our black, round containers are microwave safe, and our aluminum containers are oven-safe. Be sure to remove the plastic sauce cups before heating anything. 
        • Are your containers recyclable?
          • Yes!



        • When are the meals delivered each day?
          • Meals are delivered Monday through Thursday from 2:30-5:30 PM. Read the description for each meal to find out the exact day it is delivered. If you'd like a meal delivered later in the week (if you won't be home the day it's delivered), you are welcome to reply to your confirmation email to let us know to deliver later in the week.
          • Can I pick up?
            • Yes! Scroll below to see information on picking up.
              • What if my house is hard to find?
                • Please email us very detailed instructions to after checking out. If it takes more than 10 minutes to find and we can’t reach you, we have to continue our deliveries, and you will possibly get your dinner later than 5:30.
              • What if I live in an apartment or condo?
                • Please email us very detailed instructions to after checking out. We need any gate codes or door codes to get in. If it takes more than 10 minutes to get in and we can’t reach you, we have to continue our deliveries, and you will possibly get your dinner later than 6:30.
              • Are tips customary?
                • We do not require you to leave a tip, however, our drivers and kitchen staff really appreciate it! If you leave a tip, we divide among your drivers for each day you get deliveries, and we also give a percentage of it to our kitchen staff that stays to clean up at the end of each day. 
              • What if I’m not going to be home between 2:30 and 5:30?
                • That is fine! Please leave out a cooler with ice by your front door. If you do not leave out a cooler, we will place the meal right at your front door. 
              • Do I have to leave out a cooler? And what size cooler?
                • We prefer that you leave a cooler to be safe. This will keep your food in safe temperatures, keep bugs/pests/animals from getting to it, and it also helps us know that we are at the right house. Please leave the cooler right at the front door. If you don’t want to leave it at the front door, please email us at after checking out so that our drivers know where your cooler is. *Keep in mind, that if the cooler is on your front porch, but not in the line of sight as the driver walks to your front door, they may not see it - be sure to either put cooler in line of sight (and not off to the side), or you can leave us a note that the cooler is off to the side on the front porch.* If you do not leave out a cooler, we are not responsible for any bugs/pests/animals getting into your meal. If you ordered a single size, you will need a cooler that is at least 8 inches in diameter. The couple and family size will need a cooler to fit a pan that is 13x11 inches. 
              • What do I do if I have pets in the front yard that are free?
                • Please leave out a cooler so that your pets cannot get to the meal. If you don’t leave out a cooler, we will try to put the meal up high so that the pet does not get the meal, but we are not responsible for the pets getting to your meal. 
              • What if I have specific delivery instructions?
                • Please email us at after checking out.
              • What if I’m not in the delivery range?
                • You can pick up your meals from our commercial kitchen! 
              • What time and where is pick-up at the kitchen?
                • Pick up is between 2 and 3 PM.
                • Birmingham: The Annex, 113 12th Street North, 35203
              • How do I let you know if I’m picking up?
                • Please email us at, or reply to your confirmation email, to let us know!
                • What happens if my delivery does not arrive by 5:30?
                  • Please be patient. We work very hard to get the meals to you before 5:30. Late delivery happens on occasion because of traffic or weather issues. At 5:30 PM, a manager will start contacting anyone getting a delivery after 5:30, just to give you a heads up. If you haven’t received your meals by 5:30 PM, and you haven’t received an email or call from the manager, you are welcome to email or call the manager to check. 
                • What if I want early delivery? Can I request?
                  • No, we don’t offer preferred delivery times. Each night’s routes are completely different for us, so there is no way to put you on a certain route. If you are worried about later delivery, you are welcome to pick-up from our storefront.
                • Can you deliver to my work?
                  • Yes! We will deliver to your work, as long as you are there during the delivery window. If you leave to go home before 5:30, we will still be delivering to your work. We aren’t responsible for changing our route to bring to your house. 
                • What happens if there is inclement weather during delivery times?
                  • If the weather will make deliveries unsafe for our drivers, meals will be delivered the following day during the delivery window. This includes dangerous snow and ice, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc. There will be no refunds or credits issued, as most ingredients have been ordered or meals have already been made for you. Katie will reach out to everyone if this is the case on that day.


                Contacts & How to Reach Us

                • What is the best way to reach Katie?
                  • Katie is very busy, so please use all other emails or phone numbers before reaching out to Katie (listed on the Contact Page). Her email and phone number are for corporate questions and issues only. 
                  • Who can I contact if I haven’t received my delivery by 6:30?
                    • See "Contact Us" page.
                    • Please do not reach out before 5:30 PM. We will start emails and calls around 5:15 PM if you are going to have a late delivery.
                  • Who can I contact if I’m not sure if I’m in the delivery range or not?
                    • Please email our logistics manager, Ian at or text him at (205) 775-0588
                    • You can also scroll down to the bottom of this page to search your home in our google map range - if you aren't in range, please reach out - we can make exceptions at times!
                  • Who can I contact if I can’t figure out how to order online, need to cancel/change an order, or have questions about an order?
                    • is the best way to do that, and you can also text Misty at (205) 578-8095
                  • Who can I contact if I have questions about nutrition or ingredients?




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