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Ditching "Diet"

In a fun contrast from last week’s post, I wanted to explore the word “diet”…. And why I’m not a fan. The word diet has quite a negative connotation. And why shouldn’t it? For years it has been associated with restriction, weight shaming, punishment, and “the opposite of fun”. Diet, however, simply means a way of eating. All of us have a diet, or a type of eating pattern. But in our society we’ve curated certain eating patterns and given them labels so that people can following along (Atkins Diet, Paleo Diet, Military Diet, etc.) This type of ideology also suggests that one very specific eating pattern will work for many people. That many people could follow, for example, the...

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Paleo Diet 101

Paleo Diet 101 If you’re new to the blog, we encourage you to check out our first post introducing the blog (Katie's Plates Begins Blogging) and last week’s post with some New Year’s resolutions fun (New Year, New Skills).  This week, as promised, we are diving into the Paleo Diet- demystifying what it is and what it isn’t. At Katie’s Plates, most, if not all, of our meals follow the Paleo Diet format. Before we explain why we subscribe to this way of eating, let’s lay the foundation. Its a little history, a little science, and a little common sense. What is the Paleo Diet? The Paleo Diet first gained popularity in 2011 before becoming a trend in 2013, however its...

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New Year, New Skills

So glad you are back joining us for our second blog post! Last week we introduced you to the blog and talked about the amazing growth Katie’s Plates had in 2016. Katie’s Plates- Nashville is now up and running and has begun making deliveries! We are so excited for this new branch to get up and thriving—be sure to tell your Nashville area friends about us! (Click to see if your house is in range) There’s a lot of excitement at the start of a new year and many people are making resolutions for growth in regards to health, finances, travel, family, and more. By now, a few weeks in, however, these same people are beginning to see if the...

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Katie's Plates Begins Blogging

Happy 2017 and welcome to the first ever blog post for Katie's Plates new blog: Dietitian to Kitchen! This blog is one of the many exciting things coming to you from Katie's Plates in 2017. Before we look ahead, we wanted to reflect on some of our accomplishments from 2016: Katie’s Plates grew from 4 employees to 9, and took on interns throughout the year  We catered weddings, luncheons, and ended the year with record sales Katie appeared on Talk of Alabama: ABC 33/40 numerous times to share some of the tasty meals we offer Katie’s Plates added its first ever Branch Manager- which leads us to our biggest accomplishment of 2016… Katie’s Plates has expanded to its SECOND location...

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