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Musings of a Dietitian - Debunking Superfoods

Every few months we hear about the latest food trend or superfood to heal all that ails you. Claims such as “reduces inflammation, lowers blood pressure, supports brain health…,” and so on, are given to generally unknown or seldom eaten foods. This food will circulate in the media, become a topic of conversation at social gatherings, and give dietitians everywhere a headache as patients and clients ask if they should be eating it. I recognize that I may come across slightly hypocritical as I from time to time promote certain foods as being “super” or better for supporting overall health. But, I wanted to take a moment to highlight and think more critically about the “superfood” culture that influences our...

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The Fermented Frontier

A couple months ago our Katie’s Plates intern did a fantastic post on how our gut is at the center of our overall health- which you should 100% check out before you read this post. A healthy gut = a healthy life. I wanted to talk a bit more about fermented foods as they can play an important role in improving our gut health! I know, something about the word “fermented” isn’t immediately appealing. But there are some common foods that you are probably already eating that you may not realize are fermented! Yogurt Sauerkraut Kefir Sourdough bread Alcohol (beer, wine, hard cider) Kimchi Kombucha Buttermilk Chocolate   Why Ferment Foods? Through the process of fermentation (sometimes referred to as...

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The Case of the Collapsing Turkey Burger

It was a cold and rainy Monday morning at Katie’s Plates. The produce delivery was running behind as usual and the kitchen team was finishing up ingredient shopping for the week. A look at the week’s menu showed an extremely tasty array of dishes, which gave the team plenty to look forward to. Lunch preparation went smoothly and dinner production was started ahead of schedule, a presumably good sign. That evening’s Sweet & Spicy BBQ Bacon Hawaiian Turkey Burgers was a meal the team hadn’t seen come through in a while, but it promised to be a crowd-pleaser given the ingredients of the recipe. As the burgers were sent into the oven, plating of the other dinner items was begun...

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Where Have All the Aprons Gone

Does everyone still remember when we wore aprons? I got to thinking the other day about aprons. This may sound silly to most people, but if the name of this blog tells you anything, this is not out of the ordinary for me. When I moved to Birmingham this past summer, and I did not think to bring an apron with me. I know I have a few stashed somewhere deep in a kitchen drawer at my parent’s house, but nowhere on the long packing list I created before moving did it say “apron”. I would venture a guess that most 20-something/Millenial-types do not own an apron, and I am sure most people in the United States do not use...

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Snacking: the Holy Grail for Those Who Love to Eat (and eat and eat and eat)

I’m a snacker. Full meals are great, but there’s something about snacking that just seems to make eating a bit more fun. Luckily for a snacker like me, I’m in the kitchen all day which allows me to try food throughout the day- basically my dream come true. Not many people hold occupations like this, and so snacking becomes a bit trickier. When to snack, how much to snack, what to snack… should I be snacking at all? I’m a believer in the intuitive eating mentality- listen to your body to determine if you need to eat. It’s not always easy at first to tap into this mindfulness exercise, but with time it gets easier. So let’s say the answer...

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