Why What You Eat Matters

Have you ever wondered what your body is made of? Well according to research, the human body is made of approximately 6% vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates 16% fat, 16% protein, and 62% water. Where do these nutrients come from? The foods we eat. Food provides the backbone for all the cells and structures in our bodies! Isn’t that amazing?  Our bodies are constantly breaking down and repairing itself using the nutrients we provide through our meals. 
Eating healthy carbohydrates, unsaturated fats and protein promotes optimal cellular growth! When we consume healthy whole grains, fruits and vegetables we are providing the body with carbohydrates which are the preferred source of energy for cells and especially our brains! Unrefined, unsaturated fats from olive oil, nuts, seeds and avocados provide the nutrients that form strong cellular membranes and promote rapid cell signaling. Protein found in meat, eggs, dairy, beans and soy promote muscle growth, tissue and bone structure, as well as serve as antibodies that protect the body from disease. Vitamins and minerals found in a wide variety of foods promote thousands of bodily processes from eye sight, cardiovascular health, energy levels and frequency of disease. 
On the flip side, when we constantly consume foods composed of refined carbohydrates or saturated fats the body’s cells are impaired. Refined carbs from white bread/pasta, sweet treats such as cakes, cookies and candy, provide quick energy to the body which cause blood sugar levels to quickly spike then crash leading to more hunger and possible insulin problems and weight issues over time. Saturated fats found in hydrogenated oils, fatty meats and convenience foods such as chips, snack cakes and desserts cause cellular membranes to harden which may clog arteries which leads to increased blood pressure, circulatory issues and heart disease. I’m not saying that we should NEVER eat white bread, chips and ice cream. But these foods should not make up the majority of one’s diet as they do produce health issues when consumed consistently, in large amounts and over many days, weeks and years. 
So why is what we eat so important? Because the foods you eat become who you physically are. I guess we could say the phrase “you are what you eat” is actually true! That is why I encourage people to choose healthy carbs, proteins and fats to make up the majority of their diet! When we focus on these high quality nutrients we are promoting optimal cellular and overall body health! 
I want to make a note however, that eating does not have to be perfect. You don’t need to eat 100% unrefined carbs, unsaturated fats or high quality proteins. Our bodies are smart and will not be damaged by occasional ice cream treats! I promise, your arteries will not harden from one cookie! You will not become insulin resistant from one piece of cake! The goal here is to focus on the majority of meals coming from healthy choices with the occasional sprinkle of sweet treats. 
-Happy Eating! Kristin-

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